Tender Loving Care – As the word implies we treat our kids with care and affection right from day one until they develop into healthy adults.

New Born Care - Pediatrics


Newborn babies are managed with an efficient team of doctors and neonatal staff nurses. We welcome new born babies into this world with warmer beds and phototherapy units.

Vaccination - Pediatrics


Vaccines immunize your child against diseases that were once fatal to children and help to eradicate certain diseases. Vaccination is safe and will be done only after a thorough evaluation of the child, following a vaccination schedule. We provide vaccination against all preventable diseases on all working days.

Growing Children - Pediatrics


Childhood is a period of constant growth and development. Nutrition, environmental condition and heredity elements are the most important factors to be considered in pediatric care. Consultation for all pediatric problems is available including allergy, asthma and common infection. We also provide nutritional advice for growing children.


Round the clock pediatric services are available for emergency pediatric care and medical diseases like Febrile fits, illness and diahhoreal disorders with dehydration, with the help of our pediatric consultants and trained staff nurses.

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