Our infertility treatment takes a methodical approach to evaluating and treating a childless couple based on female age and duration of infertility, in a patient tailored, step wise manner according to the individualized case history.


The incidence of infertility is currently on the rise and it effects 10 – 15 % of the population. Inability to conceive within one year of married life needs a work up – examinations and investigations. In an older couple (<35 yrs) evaluations need to be started earlier viz. six months.


IUI is the next step to be taken in the event that the patient does not conceive through basic infertility treatments. It is the process of placing processed washed sperms using a catheter into the uterine cavity.



Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART) are used in cases where IUI has failed or if tests indicate a major deficiency in any of the reproductive elements (Egg / Sperm / Uterus)

IVF and ICSI are the two main techniques we specialize in.

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